Toronto 11.14.21

Posted by Recovery Radio KMP3 on

Thank you for your podcast and the clarity and efficiency in which you deliver the message of recovery and the 12-steps.I have been listening to your podcast daily and it is changing my recovery. I have been sharing your podcast with many of my friends in recovery. I also work in the treatment field and have recommended your podcast to many clients.I have more I’d like to share with you but for now I just wanted to say thank you, I’ve learned more in your podcast than years of meetings and sponsors with a garbled and twisted message as you...

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Episode 94 Listener Letter

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Hi Clay!I felt compelled to message you that your podcast has help me out greatly so far in a few aspects specifically. With your clear and simple observations I can see now that,When I am afraid or resentful I am playing God.When I have an opinion, I am playing God. When I am uncomfortable, I am playing God.BecauseI have a vision as to how things are suppose to be going at that moment. I have been thinking about this every day, all day, and every time I feel out of sorts even in the slightest. I stop and ask myself,...

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