Jealousy, Sponsee's, and How God Mends All Wounds

Posted by Judith Kastle on

I wanted to share a few things with you. I feel you are an important part of my recovery and that you really care about people. That is very inspiring and I appreciate you. 
I was feeling a strange sort of jealousy over another woman in my group. A friend. She started the program 5 months after me, we have the same sponsor, and she did her 5th step a week before me. I have always been firm with the thought that everyone's path is different but I felt I was doing something wrong. I meditated and prayed on it and realized it took me 3 months to get through steps 2 and 3 because of my very heavy lack of belief in God. She already had belief.
Listening to your early struggles with God helped me. Thank you. 
Also, I've been thinking about when I start to sponsor and who in the hell I'm going to sponsor! I live in a very rural area, very few meetings around, none in my town of 1200. I listened to A Podcast Greater Than Yourself where they played your episode on this and oh my, thank you!! Let go and it will happen when it's time. My higher power is always here, always has been. What a beautiful thing!
Lastly, my 14 year old and her best friend since they were small children are fighting. My daughter said the other day that she needs to talk to her to make amends because although her friend was wrong, she also was wrong in her reaction. She's paying attention and using the program!!! I cried with pride. 
Everything really is ok.