Letter From Jules

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Hi Clay,
I just finished reading your Big Book parody. I was a little sceptical at first but after reading the preface I thought it’d be a laugh.
I loved it. Between the laughs were a handful of pangs of my own mistakes in the program, but I really felt like it demystified some of the things I’d been a little confused about.
I’m ten months in and stuff like calling every day just never felt totally necessary, but people in meetings say I have to, as well as doing 90 in 90 etc. or I would fail. I was worried that I wasn’t a real alcoholic because things seemed to be working for me without doing all the stuff outside the program. I know exactly what would happen if I picked up just one more drink, but some stuff in Bad AA has really been mixing my head up and actually driven me closer to drinking.
You’ve inspired me to find a new sponsor and get started on the steps again ASAP because some of the stuff in your book hit uncomfortably hard. 
Thank you for that silly but effective little book of gold.
All the very best,
Jules (UK)