Letter From Shannon In Illinois

Posted by Judith Kastle on

So, I want to share the story of how I discovered your podcast,  I just figured it out. When I first quit drinking I went to AA, drunk and a crying mess at my first meeting, tried to get sober, failed, finally had enough and stopped by my 3rd meeting. I fell in love with the program and my group immediately. I had never been to aa nor had any interest. I knew next to nothing and what I thought I knew was negative. 
I race boats and travel a ton, mostly Spring-Fall. When I was out of town my sponsor suggested you tube aa speakers because I can't get to a meeting at a race. I watched and listened to speakers and then discovered podcasts.
I listened to soooooo many!! Now that I'm past the desire to drink the need for soooooooo many is gone. I like That's Not in the Book because I love the book. I was looking through past episodes and there you were! Apparently I had already listened to the episode but I listened again and aha! I remembered! When I first heard it, I had then googled Sarcastic Big Book intending to purchase it when I could and found your podcast!
Oh, also you read from We Agnostics on that episode so now I'm reading it again. 
I like dating my notes in the book. I think they'll help when I sponsor.
Thank you!!!