Letter From Derek

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Hi Clay 
Happy New Year hope you and yours are keeping well. Just said I'd send another email and touch base with you having reached the milestone of a years sobriety ! It's such a good feeling having poured my heart and soul (excuse the pun) into my recovery this time around.  Acceptance, Gratitude and a profound love for my fellows in AA are what has sustained me through this difficult but transformative year.  We had a political slogan plastered all over this country years ago " a lot done more to do " that's the way I feel now constantly learning and hungry to change and grow. 
On that point and bringing it back to Recovery radio podcasts I tuned in the other day and heard you saying that this current state of well being is only rented and " the rent is due !" I took that to mean coming to meetings, handing over, daily inventory and helping another alcoholic living in 10, 11 and 12 that's how I pay my rent.  I too try to keep it simple and just when I think I have it whittled down some more I make it more simple, super simple as one of my Buddies would say.   
Anyway thanks again for being there on the airwaves such a brilliant show and truly part of my recovery story. 
yours in fellowship