Letter From Dan (Cleveland)

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Amazing show Sunday night!! Thanks for your pure honesty. It is so refreshing..
Getting out of self is #1 in my life.
I'm doing the "darndest"to live in step 3. (so funny)
I am secretary at 2 meetings a week...So many people have their opinions about how a meeting should be run....God forbid I change it up!! One time I said the "our father" and got slammed."we don't say that at this meeting we say the Responsibility Statement...OK please forgive me....The other time I asked if there were any birthdays to celebrate...Oh we don't say that...What the hell.  I am going to start displaying my Sarcastic Big Book. Let's see what a rise I get out of them now!!!
All things aside Clay I love AA. I would be dead without this program.
I try not to play God...I try to be of maximum service especially to the new person.
There is so much more that I still need to learn after only 3 years of happiness, joyous and free.
I so much like your sharing it means the world to me.
God Bless,
Dan from Cleveland