Toronto 11.14.21

Posted by Recovery Radio KMP3 on

Thank you for your podcast and the clarity and efficiency in which you deliver the message of recovery and the 12-steps.
I have been listening to your podcast daily and it is changing my recovery. I have been sharing your podcast with many of my friends in recovery. I also work in the treatment field and have recommended your podcast to many clients.
I have more I’d like to share with you but for now I just wanted to say thank you, I’ve learned more in your podcast than years of meetings and sponsors with a garbled and twisted message as you so accurately put.
One of the keys for me, as you mentioned was a game-changer for you is the idea that the spiritual malady is not a unique feature of alcoholics/addicts, but is a very human problem everyone struggles with. The Big Book as you point out, is clear that self-will and playing Gd is the root of most if not all problems, not just alcoholism.
Thank you for carrying the message, I needed to hear it and it has been a blessing. I have dragged my feet on amends for years and your podcast has motivated me to clean house immediately and be free of this bondage of self.