Quietly Playing God - Letter From Byron

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Just heard the latest episode "Quietly Playing God". I can't believe the timing of this episode. Our son who lives with us has a serious drinking problem and he is on day 9 in a 30 day rehab. Just 10 days ago he was a trembling mess. We spoke with him last night and he is doing well, but he is already complaining about the rehab, giving hints of wanting to leave early, so on and so forth. My mind immediately started playing God about what it's going to look like when he gets out, he's going to do this and that and go to these meetings, picking out his sponsor etc. lol.  Things that I would never do with a sponsee and in my heart I know don't help. I don't know what my son's journey is supposed to look like, for that matter what anyone's journey is supposed to look like.  I love the butterfly/caterpillar analogy. I'm not a butterfly, but I want to tell others how and when to become one. I welled up listening to this in the car on the drive in to work this morning. I can't tell you how many times I have been dealing with something and one of your episodes, or memes or daily meditations has popped up that has helped me.  I shared this with my wife, who's a normie, but appreciates your podcast. Keep up the beautiful messages brother, they are still helping. 

P.S. I love the visual you give for "Boring Ol' Time". I picture the guy with a brown suit standing next to a brown Lebaron saying "Hi, I'm here for you". Merchandise idea perhaps? I'd buy a t-shirt. LOL!