Letter From Tom In the UK

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Hey Clay!

Reaching out from over the pond again! (What even is that analogy about!?)

I hope this email reaches you at a time where you're in a 'spectacular mood' and have a 'steaming hot cup of coffee' on the go- I suspect it might..

I'm onto episode 275 - now admitting that I'm powerless over the compulsion to listen to this podcast and my life has become so palatable!!!

First off - gratitude. Deeply felt and openly about expressed. 🙏

Something that's helped me no end came in your episode around sponsoring. It affirmed my approach and encouraged me to continue.. 'let god take care of the timetable'...

But also the admission that so many people play God .. and as sponsors this is no different. I've had so many ask me to sponsor and tell me tales of wow about how ex sponsors have told them to do this, do that or there out!!!

I make suggestions based on my experience and what is in the green book.. about how I navigate life through the steps and the traditions.. I force nothing. I dictate nada.. I listen and love...

Your episode sang that to me. Thank you..









I have a few sponsees but still out my hand up.. recently I felt resistance to doing it - 'I do enough, I haven't got time, I'm overwhelmed'...

I did it anyway but was mindful about how/why that voice had piped up! I shared it with a sponsee who told me - that's self will right there...!! The desire to protect what's mine... the desire to shrink... -

So helpful..

Enough from me .. wishing you happiness, joy and freedom. And wishing you a new calendar contract. I do similar work modelling here in the UK. I have a semi nude gig coming up celebrating the life of the Queen. It's a calendar where guys dress up as queens in various locations around the UK - locations the actual Queen used to visit - you know, like Mr December is in Scotland.. Mr June in Windsor ... that kinda thing.. I'm Mr February.. probably gonna Buck Palace .. gotta do what I gotta do..

Tom 🙏