Letter From Shannon

Posted by Judith Kastle on

I just wanted to thank you for the last few episodes. I just finished listening to you reading from A Vision for You, man, I could listen to you read from the book for hours. That was actually the first thing I read in the book that I truly related to also. I totally had to look up what denizen meant at the time. I wrote at the top of that chapter READ THIS OFTEN! sometime very early in sobriety, during those foggy months. I also really appreciated the episode on sponsoring. I have a woman I'm working with that has become a dear friend and she is out there right now. I needed your words the day I heard them. And as always, thanks for guiding me to the message of the program and the words of the book. I love when you talk about the alcoholic and human aspects. I take so many notes from your wisdom and knowledge and I feel I am spreading the message as the book intends. "After all God gave us brains to use" is one of my favorite lines in the book. I truly think it's important to take the stinkin' thinkin' idea and guide people to the book and the message that as long as we stay spiritually fit we can trust our thinking. 
My life is still beautiful. It's amazing what the change in perspective working the steps has given me. Nothing in my life has changed but me. I know you've heard that before but it's incredible to have it happen! I did a 4th step on my relationship with money, specifically money tied to my mother, like a general harms done inventory, per my sponsor's suggestion. The fear of economic insecurity has been slightly relieved but last week I had a wallow in self pity over wanting things and not having money of my own, wahwah. bleh bleh. So, I prayed to be released from my desire for more than I need, my needs will be provided, thanked God for the abundance I have, then I started looking online for jobs from home. Gave it to God again in my nightly inventory, went to bed and the next day I get an email from a very good, reliable, honest friend (I used to say I don't know what she sees in me lol) with a JOB OFFER! To work from home. I started today. So, I just wanted to share that with you. I have a driver's license again now too.
I hope you and your wife are doing well.
Much love,