Letter From Shannon

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Happy morning! 
I love mornings now. Never thought I'd go from getting up shaking and puking and drinking vodka just to stop shaking (I thought beer settled my tummy 🤣) to looking forward to waking up early before the family and watching the sunrise every day. 
I just was journaling and I thought of something you said once that stuck with me. I was like fuck yeah, THAT'S what I want. It was about feeling comfortable being comfortable. 
The last week I have felt amazing. I've been doing hard work on me. All the fucked up shit inside of me. Mindfulness. It's totally true that quitting drinking is just the beginning. 
So. The big news is...I am feeling comfortable being comfortable. 
It's lovely. 
Thank you. 
Shannon, I am an alcoholic. 
I am living a life worth living.