Letter From Monica

Posted by Judith Kastle on

I’ve been listening to your podcasts every night before bed - usually two per night. Last night I hit episode 136 and thank you for discussing pink clouds. I got sober and found AA in February 2020, weeks before the world shut down and thank g.o.d. for that or I would’ve been drinking my life away during the pandemic. Anyway, I’ve been so grateful that a moment of grace brought me to AA and I’ve been on a pink cloud for almost 18 months now! Folks tried to warn me that it wouldn’t last, that life would rear its ugly head and that I should have my pink parachute ready, but I don’t believe them. You are so right - my life is now full of joy, I’m making the right decisions, I’m recognizing character flaws that kept me drinking and able
To stop them in their tracks. How could I fall off a pink cloud when this program continues to bring me gifts?! So thanks again Clay F! I love and appreciate your sense of humor. You’re inspiring and would love to sit in on a zoom meeting of yours someday. 💖😬🙏
Yours in fellowship,