Letter From Mike

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Hi Clay
Your podcast has been a perfect addition to my sobriety during Covid times. You are in my ears every time I go for a run; I prefer that over music because when I’m listening to you I can zone out and before I know it my run is done! It’s hard to find solution based meetings these days and I do agree that treatment has muddied the message a lot.
I have been sober for 6 years now, and have made my amends, but there is one that keeps nagging at me. At the direction of my sponsor and a few others this one fits the bill of “would injure them or others” because I’m not so sure this person knows of the harms that were done. But then again I’m pretty sure he does. In any event he is a friend and I do feel awkward in his presence but part of me thinks/knows that I would be making amends for the “wrong” reason - to ease the tension for myself (because still my first thought is that it’s all about me, right? :-)
I would love to hear you talk about making amends for the “right” or “wrong” reasons and even if it’s for the wrong reason, should you do it anyway?
Yours truly in the solution,