Letter From Matt

Posted by Judith Kastle on

I appreciate you getting me this information and please do let me know when plan another zoom workshop. 
Your episodes have helped me to completely reshape my thinking and outlook on my life and every day. I relate to you more and more with each episode I listen to, and I’ve probably listened to half so far. Haha. I’m 7 weeks into a step study currently and with that group, book work, and your series I am feeling totally renewed. 
I began smoking pot and using hallucinogens regularly around 9 years old. I was in the first group of ADHD kids in the 80’s that were prescribed tons of unneeded medications and wanted out of my head. My life for almost 20 years consisted of staying fucked up. I threw away a baseball career that could have led me all the way. Countless rehab programs followed with but I wouldn’t concede. After spending a couple of years in county jail locally cause my family and probation officer couldn’t figure out how to keep me from killing myself, I set out on a course to do it myself (not intentionally) but had 7 hospitalized OD’s in 5 days. The last one I truly had a spiritual experience, kind of died, god spoke to me and took away the obsession to do heroin. This experience, along with meetings and a great group of people kept me sober 7 years. So many people in my area would tell me they got sober because they saw me and if I could do it they knew they could. My family grew and countless friends went back out and a lot of them died. I slipped up on my spirituality and went back to running the show and needed something to change the way I feel. Started using the vape pens and almost ruined my marriage over it cause my wife thought I was recovered for life, not understanding alcoholism and addiction. 
This past 70 something days have been the best I’ve had in years. I am head coach of my sons coach pitch team and I am truly enjoying life again. My relationship with my wife has grown by leaps and bounds just by me considering her and not being so selfish. I didn’t have a flower but I drew her an amazing picture of one yesterday with a nice poem which is something I haven’t done in years and it changed her day for sure. Playing music has become fun again instead of feeling like a chore. My head is finally quiet and it has allowed me to be excited about each day. 
Sorry for the long winded emails but just wanted to let you know you are truly touching people across the board. Today is going to be amazing because I’m going to make it that way.  I’m going out to live a life worth saving, and hopefully pitch well for the kids in todays game!
All the best,