Letter From Leslie

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Hi Clay,
Hallelujah.   Thank the Lord.  This is literally the first time in 37 years of recovery I have ever heard anyone in the program say this other than my original therapist (who is in the program), my current therapist, and those in my recovery pit crew.  
I always say “Anger is a normal human emotion.  Learning how to express it in a healthy way is the issue in recovery.”  
One of my huge pet peeves in AA is the widespread oft-repeated dogma that anger is pathological, wrong, is denied, etc.  
Leslie Maendl
Episode #35 - "Do You Feel Obligated to Act Like You Never Get Angry?"
Recovery Radio Podcast - KMP3 - Long-Term Sobriety in A.A.

In this episode I talk about the difference between anger and resentment. The Big Book uses "resentment" and "anger"  interchangeably, because Bill W. did not like to repeat words - but that does not mean that they are the same thing.    Allowing myself to feel it when I'm mad is a big reason that I usually feel peace now. 

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