Letter From "God Willing"

Posted by Judith Kastle on

I hear all the time in meetings, "God willing, I'll  have 30 days sober in 27 days", or, "God willing, I will have this new job!", or, "God willing, my halfway house boyfriend will get off of parole in 2 years!" 
This for whatever reason, irritates me to no end. Isn't God always willing, and it's usually us who isn't? I've been struggling with this notion for years now in AA. When someone says to me in conversation, "God willing blah blah blah..." I always respond to them, "God is always willing, but are you?" And of course, I get this crazy stare. After listening to your podcasts since it began, I had to ask myself "Well, maybe God sometimes isn't willing, what do I know?" So, here I am asking someone who is older and wiser, what do you think? Is God willing? Does God ever look at our shit and go, "Oh Me, not this shit again, let her ride this out on her own until I have to get involved." 
Maybe this is more of a theological question than a spiritual one for AA, but hey, it's a conversation that I am delighted to hear your thoughts on.
God willing that you will respond,