Letter From Eric

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Was listening to your episode on "Is Unsolicited advice playing God?" where you asked if you're psychotic to not get Don Francisco's Hazelnut because it's so good, and it cracked me up. I just bought their Cinnamon Hazelnut last week because of you. It's pretty good but I think I need the French Roast mixed in there to really feel the power you speak up.
Anyways, when you paused and told everyone to get their celebratory beverage, I grabbed my coffee and sipped and it felt like we we're celebrating my 2 year together. Not sure why I listened to that episode this morning (maybe because I love giving unsolicited advice!) or why you decided to call it a celebratory beverage on that day but to me it felt like a God-shot (do you guys call it that in LA?)
I've listened to your podcast for the last 6 months and recommended it to multiple meetings while chairing. I mostly sell it with "he has a great, calming voice" but I know the content will keep people listening. Thanks for your commitment to spreading the recovery love! Also don't know if anyone has told you yet, but you NEED to get sponsored by TJs and Don Franciscos for how much you hype that blend.