Letter From Derek

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Hi Clay 
So delighted to get your email.  Just the other day it was in my head to email you again having listened to the God gave us brains! episode.  Absolutely I have no problem with you putting my emails on website and congrats on all your new ventures and developments.  
The recovery radio podcast has been such a big part of my recovery story so far and has helped me immensely.  When I was having bad days so stuck in my head even after multiple meetings and was so fried I couldn't even ring my sponsor or another member pressing play on your podcast grounded me returned me to Acceptance and gratitude so thanks for that.  
Gratitude for me is the cornerstone of my sobriety Acceptance being another corner I've   even started using your line when I start to share " so grateful I have no desire to drink today" .  I am thankfully doing well with my sobriety despite a myriad of other problems namely separation negotiating all the legal aspects and the emotional rollercoaster of trying to develop a new relationship with my children and my ex wife.  Thankfully my ex and I are managing everything civilly despite our respective hurt and turmoil. Again I know it is the program working for me.  
I am sitting here looking at my beloved Galway bay sipping a cup of lavazza americano with a shot of hazelnut again a treat inspired by Recovery Radio Podcast ! I am reflecting on my nearly 11 months of sobriety, the inspirational people that have become my closest friends the love I have for the fellowship of AA and the many blessings and gifts I have received in only a few short months.  So Grateful you are there reaching out across the Atlantic and that I am OK today its feels good to be me, Derek the Alcoholic ! All the very best.  
yours in fellowship