Letter From Danny

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Hi Clay,
Been listening to your podcast since the very beginning.  It's fantastic, along with the books and hilarious IG page.  Thank you for bringing some extra light and levity into AA.  I wanted to get your insight on the differences between solitude and isolation in sobriety
I'm a little over 3 years sober, and I've evolved into much more of an introvert as the years have passed since my last drink.  I used to be the loudest guy in the bars, the friend who stayed out the latest, and the self proclaimed "life of the party". However I've become much more calm in sobriety, and I prefer peace and quiet now rather than social settings.  I enjoy my solitude, yet still attend meetings weekly and work with fellow alcoholics. However my free time is what I consider "me time".  Is that selfish?  Is it possible that the serenity that I'm finding in solitude can be a slippery slope into isolation? 
Your friend,