Letter From Dan In England

Posted by Judith Kastle on

Hello from England!!
I just wanted to write and say thank you for Recovery Radio.  I am almost 38 and at the time of writing, am 29 days into my sober journey.
I am not in AA but I am really finding RR helpful. I am fortunate that you started such a long time ago - it's allowing me to listen to at least 1 (often more) a day!
I will no doubt have more questions which I know you welcome (if they are simple! ;) ) but for now can I ask, is it normal that I am feeling exhausted in the afternoon? I am working hard on my sleep routine, my diet is pretty good and I walk for an hour every day and yet I am really struggling in the afternoon.
I read somewhere it's part of early sobriety, but wondered if you had a take on it?
Anyway, thanks again, I love listening

Best regards,


PS. You mentioned the band Rush yesterday.... they are a million miles apart I guess, but do you like Coheed and Cambria?  I love them.