Letter From Cindy

Posted by Judith Kastle on

I have 20 days of sobriety.  I am originally from California, but now live in Texas.  I have been going to meetings, reading the big book, 12&12, Daily Reflections and working with a sponsor.  I found your Recovery Radio podcast and started listening beginning with episode 1 and just listened to episode 8 on fellowship.  It gave me hope that I can have friends and fun again some day.  All the episodes are helpful and there is always something I can relate to.  When I can’t read, I listen to your podcast — sometimes when I’m driving, sometimes late in the evening.   Thank you for creating these audio recordings.  They are insightful, real and better than any other AA podcast that I have found.  
P.S.  I am also a baseball fan and I like your analogies.