Letter From Braxton

Posted by Judith Kastle on

I just hit 9 months a few days ago. I cant thank you enough for your podcast, it has helped me so much. There is always a podcast related to something I am struggling with, it's an endless resource I use and it truly has helped me stay clean and sober.
Im working on my eighth step right now and i'm struggling to find people to write down, there's no way there is less than ten people that I have harmed, honestly i doubt there is less than 100, but I can't think of any more without spiraling into doubt and pain from past abuse and feeling bad for leaving abusers. I don't know, right now I feel stuck, I've talked to my sponsor about it, I've prayed about it, but I feel like i'm doing something wrong and can't figure out what. My sponsor says Im overthinking it and living in past pain/romanticizing past trauma to beat myself up over it, and I agree but i'm not sure how not to when trying to make my list.
This email has turned into much more of a ramble than anything else but regardless, thank you for the podcast. I've recommend it to many of my fellows and it has become a big part of my toolbox.